Our Heritage, Our Legacy, Our Destiny

Our Heritage: 

The original Aunt Jessica was born in Canning Town within the sounds of Bow Bells and was bombed out of her home during the Second World War. This inspired her to go and train to become a nurse and care for the returning injured soldiers in the East End of London. Jessica was a perfectionist with a wonderful caring nature and was passionate about home making skills. 

Our Legacy:  

Through her passion she dedicated her life to teaching women, be it nurses to widowed housewives to learn new skills in how they could use their child care and home making expertise to gain employment in private households. This legacy has been past from generation to generation until today her recipe a mix of traditional and practical cleaning tips are still being used.

Our Destiny: 

Our future is to carry on Aunt Jessica’s legacy to pass on her passion for home making skilfulness.

Over the last three decades Aunt Jessica Cares has supplied domestic staff all over the world, for all types of households, from small to large.

Aunt Jessica Cares promotes a better way of doing business - one that focuses first on the happiness of its customers, and measures success on their wellbeing.

Aunt Jessica Cares’ staff are trained in a method for creating the conditions for happiness and measuring the impact on organisational performance.

Whoever our clients are, whether high net worth individuals or general family homes the level of service we give is the same high standard. We listen to what each household’s needs are and match the right candidate, making sure that they have the appropriate aptitude, skills-set and congenial manner for each home, giving not only a professional service to the client and their family, but thus ensuring that the candidate brings a wonderful enthusiasm and zeal to their work, therefore creating a happy environment.                                                                                                                                  

Aunt Jessica Cares’ Staff work in a variety of settings including:

  • Child care
  • Household
  • Security
  • Corporate