The Butler is often engaged in a formal household, and is knowledgeable in etiquette and protocol. The Butler is customarily responsible for a single residence, supervising household staff, setting up the household and ensuring all duties are fulfilled. Typical duties include ordering household supplies, setting and serving a formal table, caring for the silver, china, and crystal and overseeing dinner parties and other events held in the home. A Butler should have good knowledge of wines and these days is often tech savvy.



  • Ensuring the smooth running of a household and servicing of principals and guests, usually supervising others but also providing service.
  • Engaging and overseeing outside contractors, service providers and suppliers.
  • Overseeing household staff including hiring, firing, payroll management and performance reviews.
  • Staff training and development , financial management, budget administration, and purchasing.
  • Regularly interacting with owners to maintain direct communication and compliance with their needs
  • Ensuring efficiency, harmony, and high morale throughout the household
  • Organising of social and family events
  • Caring for household’s guests and visitors
  • Serving of wines and other drinks
  • Serving of refreshments and meals
  • Caring for silver, china, antiques and other specialist items
  • Covering duties of a valet, chef, housekeeper, nanny, pet minder, gardener, or chauffeur if these staff are occasionally off duty or on-sick leave.

Working Hours of a Butler

A live-in Butler, typically works a 5 day week for 10 to 12 hours a day. A full-time live-out Butler usually works a 5 day week for 8 to 10 hours day.

Salary for a Butler

The salary range on average for a live-in Butler is £38,000 to £50,000 gross per annum and for a live-out Butler is £40,000 to £60,000 gross per annum, dependent on their experience. International Butlers £70,000+