Aunt Jessica Cares’ commercial contract cleaning services provides many benefits and advantages for both commercial businesses and their owners.

The level of service offered by Aunt Jessica Cares is unparalleled in the commercial cleaning world, as Aunt Jessica Cares gives a dedicated consultant who is there to update you on cleaning progress, who can be contacted when you need them to support your cleaning needs and be updated on any changes you have.

Aunt Jessica Cares’ commercial contract cleaning helps increase a business’ productivity, efficiency, and makes certain that the work place is a safe, healthy, environment. From all-purpose, general cleaning, to power washing and caring for floors and windows, commercial cleaning services provide numerous benefits that help keep businesses up and running.

Aunt Jessica Cares offers a specialist commercial window cleaning service.

This specialist window cleaning, makes glass windows perform at their best, it not only reduces the need for expensive artificial lighting but building users and tenants are happier when natural light streams through rooflights and windows. Furthermore, regular cleaning will slow the deterioration of gaskets and seals and maintain the performance of glazing systems; reducing maintenance and repair costs.


Aunt Jessica Cares offers a free no obligation quote.

Give Aunt Jessica Cares a call to discuss your exact needs and our specialist in house contract cleaning team will happily talk you through options and complete a free no obligation contract cleaning quote or simply email our contract cleaning team directly at: