Aunt Jessica Cares and its specialist security partners provide state of the art security solutions through the use of innovative technology and deep industry knowledge.

Prime cyber security service

Stronger cyber security than most fortune 500 corporations

  • Ideal for executives, high net worth families, celebrity, athletes, and public persons
  • Defend against the modern adaptive cyber threat with Aunt Jessica Cares’ cyber security zone defense methodology
  • Protects home office and family devices such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and Internet appliances

Financial Crime

High net worth individuals are a lucrative target for cyber criminals looking to commit financial crimes. A heightened level of cyber protection is an important element in risk mitigation and prevention of financial crime. Example financial cybercrimes include:

  • Cyber criminals using malware to clandestinely gain access to family financial information stored in spreadsheets on personal computers
  • Malicious actors acquiring access to on-line banking systems by stealing the credentials of high net worth individuals through malware, keystroke logging, and website impersonation
  • Specifically targeted financial scams involving social engineering, one example we observed involved impersonation of a client’s friend that “lost his wallet in a foreign country” and required money

Cost of Private Cyber Security

POA: Price on Application

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