For those times when you need an extra pair of hands, sickness or holiday cover for your existing childcare, or a trusted addition to the family when you travel or go on holiday.

Emergency and Temporary Nannies can be booked with only 24-hours notice.

Aunt Jessica Cares' offers a Payroll Service for Temporary Staff. This is a stress free way to book an Emergency or Temporary Nanny through.

To book your emergency nanny please request a free callback or call us on +44 (0) 207 193 7436

or email us at


  • All Nursery Duties – everything to do with the care and wellbeing of the children

  • To assist with children, pack for holiday and travel with you to airport

  • Assist with the children on flights and transfers

  • Settle the children and help with unpacking on arrival

  • Assist with dressing the children, mealtimes, and caring for them during the day

  • Entertain the children with age-appropriate activities

  • Help teach children swimming, music, homework, skiing or learning a new language (specialist nannies)

  • Provide evening babysitting

  • Assist with children that wake in the night

  • Help during the return journey, settling back in at home and unpacking

Working Hours of a Temporary Nanny

If the temporary nanny is working a five-day week then they should have a break for 48 hours before starting back to work. For nannies doing a six-day week a 24 hour break is required.

For all holiday travelling nannies, all days off must be on a non-travel day. A travelling holiday nanny will assist with the care of your children on both days of travel as part of their agreed standard hours.

Salary of a Temporary Nanny

A live-in Temporary Nanny is usually paid £150 -£200 gross per day using Aunt Jessica Cares' Payroll Service for Temporary Staff to pay all taxes. A live-out Temporary Nanny is usually paid £15 to £20 gross per hour.