A Housekeeper-Cook is more than a Housekeeper, as they are a good home cook, preparing and serving all family meals, able to menu plan. The added responsibility of cooking, means they are multi-skilled, able to prepare tasty, fresh wholesome meals to suit the family’s requirements and care for the home around the demands of meal preparations. 


  • Preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Clearing away, tidying and cleaning the kitchen and rooms where food is eaten.
  • Presenting menus for approval and discussing daily requirements with employer, house manager or butler.
  • Dealing with grocery shopping and maintaining accounts and budgets
  • Placing orders for kitchen supplies
  • Maintaining stock control
  • Keeping kitchen pots, pans and work surfaces clean and in good condition
  • Ensuring refrigerator is clean and out-of-date items discarded
  • Tidying and cleaning bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas
  • Polishing brass and silver, antiques, and fine furniture
  • Collecting, washing and ironing laundry. Hand washing delicate items
  • Arranging for dry-cleaning
  • Answering door and telephone
  • Feeding and exercising pets
  • Keeping patios, pathways and steps clean and tidy
  • Watering household plants
  • Handling petty cash and debit cards
  • Dealing with tradesmen, suppliers and contractors
  • Managing security alarms

Working Hours of a Live-in Housekeeper-Cook and Live-out Housekeeper-Cook

A live-in Housekeeper-Cook, typically works a 5-day week for 10 to 12 hours a day.

A full-time live-out Housekeeper-Cook usually works an 8 to 10-hour day.

Salary of a Live-in Housekeeper-Cook and Live-out Housekeeper-Cook

The salary range on average is £500 to £650 net per week for a live-in position, dependent on their standard of cooking or £550 to £750 net per week for a live-out position dependent on their standard of cooking.

Housekeeper-Cooks are usually charged at the hourly rate of £12 – £16, dependent on their standard of cooking.