A Houseman is primarily responsible for the cleaning tasks in the home.

They will usually follow a daily routine and have good knowledge of cleaning methods and the proper use of cleaning supplies and equipment. Good organization and the ability to prioritize are important.

Depending on the specific home other duties such as light food preparation, shopping and errands may become part of the job. At a certain point when duties become more complex the position title might become Housekeeper / Family Household Assistant.


  • General assistance with household housekeeping
  • Cleaning and polishing hard floors and general cleaning
  • Changing light bulbs, fuses, checking boiler pressure, bleeding radiators, checking security and alarm systems and performing minor household repairs.
  • Assisting with laundry and ironing, cooking, laying tables, caring for children and pets.
  • Maintaining gardens, mowing, watering plants, cleaning windows, paths and steps.
  • Raking gravel and leaves, jet spraying exterior walls, sills and outdoor furniture.
  • Valeting cars, driving to meetings, shopping, running errands, airport and school runs.
  • Assisting to serve at table for meals and dinner parties.

Working Hours of a Houseman

A houseman usually works 5 or 5.5 flexible days per week and hours are usually 40-50 hours a week.

Salary of a Houseman

The average salary range for a live-in houseman is between £20,000 to £30,000 per year gross dependent on whether it is in the city or countryside within UK.

For a live out Houseman the salary range is between £25,000 – £40,000 per year gross, dependent on level of professional experience, skills and qualifications and whether in the city or countryside.

An international Houseman is paid £40,000+