A Maternity Nurse is an experienced and qualified specialist in providing baby care from birth giving support, advice, care and respite to parents and newborn babies. The Maternity Nurse ensures that the settling in period for parents and baby is smooth, relaxed and a highly enjoyable experience. Having a Maternity Nurse allows parents and family’s time to rest and recover from the birth and establishes a good routine for baby sleeping and eating, so that when parents take over when the Maternity Nurse leaves they are confident and able to care for their new child.

A Maternity Nurse’s primary responsibility is in caring for the newborn child and ensuring that both mother and baby are taken care of. They are not responsible for the care of other children within the household.


  • A Maternity Nurse does more than just give specialist care for the baby, they are there to give essential advice on feeding the baby, bathing, sleeping, clothing, establishing routines.
  • A Maternity Nurse works closely with the family, allowing parents to bond with baby, while also providing respite when required.
  • A Maternity Nurse will ensure all feeding of baby whether bottle or breast fed is done in a harmonious and calm environment, with all equipment sterilised and fit for-use day and night.
  • A Maternity Nurse will resettle baby after feeds as and when required to allow the mother time to rest.
  • A Maternity Nurse may be expected to assist with maintaining the cleanliness of the nursery.
  • Maternity Nurses can support mothers who are unwell following delivery, including mothers suffering from postnatal depression.
  • A Maternity Nurse will help integrate the new baby into a family where there are already children.

Working Hours of a Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse usually lives-in with the family during their contract provides 24 hour on call care after the baby is born, working 5-6 days a week.

Salary of a live-in Maternity Nurse

Maternity Nurses - usually charge between £180 – £250 per 24 hours gross (for singles),  £190 to £350 per 24 hours gross (for twins), and £190 – £350 per 24 hours gross (for triplets), depending on experience.

Daily Maternity Nurse - works up to 12 hours a day and up to 6 days a week. They are a great option for families unable to provide live-in accommodation. 

Night-only Maternity Nurse - works up to 12 hours a night and up to 6 nights a week. An excellent option for parent’s sleep deprived and needing a sleep training for baby.

Maternity Nanny – provides a very similar service to a Maternity Nurse, but just have less experience and training. This option often suits families with older children who may need support and comfort.