The difference between a Nanny-Housekeeper and a Housekeeper-Nanny is the % split of childcare and housekeeping duties. A Nanny-Housekeeper is mostly childcare duties with only light housekeeping, as childcare is a priority and children are usually younger and not at full-time school. A Housekeeper-Nanny is more housekeeping duties and is usually in households where the children are at full-time school. Both roles are usually taken up by those experienced in being both a Nanny and a Housekeeper, who are multi-skilled.


  • General household cleaning and tidying
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Cooking/help in the kitchen
  • Childcare/babysitting
  • Driving (school run, supermarket)
  • Errand running (post office, dry cleaning)
  • Food shopping
  • Additional duties may include, proxy parenting, guardianship of the household when family are not in residence, dog walking/pet feeding.

Working Hours of a Nanny-Housekeeper or Housekeeper-Nanny

A live-in Nanny-Housekeeper or Housekeeper-Nanny, typically work a 5-day week for 10 to 12 hours a day. A full-time live-out Nanny-Housekeeper or Housekeeper-Nanny usually work a 10-hour day.

Salary of a Nanny-Housekeeper or Housekeeper-Nanny

The salary range on average is £450 to £550 net per week for a live-in position, dependent on their experience or £500 to £650 net per week for a live-out position dependent on their years of experience.

A Nanny-Housekeeper or Housekeeper-Nanny is usually charged at the hourly rate of £10 – £15, dependent on experience.