Aunt Jessica Cares is the Premier International Recruitment Firm providing Household Staff and now Security staff. 

We have been established for over thirty years and for the past two decades we have had in-house security & risk advisors who can offer the best advice to families completing an in depth security appraisal and put together a tailored security detail for you, your family and home. 

We provide peace of mind, to those we protect, by offering specially trained in some placements ex-military personnel who are highly skilled and proficient in what they do. Our enhanced multi-platform referencing checks will allow you to whole heartedly trust our candidates with something as personal as your family’s security. We have also in the past decade provided a private cyber security service and are constantly evaluating new and emerging security threats to ensure our service and the staff we provide are doing everything they can for you. 

Our Security staff are experienced, often ex-military, including Special Forces with the highest level of professionalism; we provide Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, Residential Security, Asset and High Value Goods Protection, Child Protection, Private Security, Chauffeur / Security Driver for the UK and internationally.

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