Who we are

Aunt Jessica Cares has been established in London for a period now spanning three decades, giving us the advantage of long experience in the private staff industry. While all of our competitors have changed ownership during this time, we remain the only singularly owned firm in the sector.

Our client base is eclectic and extensive, as are our candidates, coming from all corners of the world. The standards we set ourselves are very high, searching extensively for candidates with the right experience and attitude. This means that we only accept around 20% of those who apply to us. We ensure that our candidates have the passion, discretion, professionalism and right values in all that they do. 

Naturally, you can search for staff through us without any commitment, a fee only being due once you decide to take a candidate through us. Each placement is underwritten by a sixteen-week guarantee (the longest in the industry), reflecting the confidence we have in our staff's ability to satisfy your requirements. We can also offer a bespoke written contract of employment and a confidentiality agreement as an extra service.

While we rely on our database for the facts, we believe firmly in a traditional human approach, which means that we listen intently to everyone's wishes and requirements, don't try to fit square pegs into round holes and certainly don't need computer matching software. We’re not a typical agency as we make sure that our clients are happy with every placement we make.  We concentrate on building relationships with our clients and focus on what matters to them. 

Aunt Jessica Cares famously pioneered the housekeeper-nanny as an ideal to care for home and family. To this day we still provide the broadest range of multi-skilled private staff for household, child care, security and corporate that you’ll find anywhere 

Perhaps you’d like a housekeeper-nanny-cook or a housekeeper-nanny-personal assistant or some other combination of your choosing. Maybe you need them full-time or part-time. Whatever you require, we’ll draw on our extensive database to find the best possible fit in terms of skills, experience and personality.

Equally important, are our thorough vetting procedures that ensure you can place all your trust in any candidate we send your way.